Sep 29

Our Sweet Dogs! Kellie and Rosemary.

Sweet Dogs. Kellie Border Collie/German Pointer mix.

Sweet Dogs. Rosemary Dachshund/Blue Heeler mix.








“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
~Josh Billings

Meet Kellie and Rosemary, our sweet dogs! Kellie is a four-year-old Border Collie and German Pointer mix. Rosemary is a one-year-old Dachshund and Blue Heeler mix.
Kellie was an animal shelter rescue. He was only six months old when he was adopted for my Grandson Jordan. He was one of six that had been dropped off at the shelter, and was the last one to be adopted. He has a such a sweet personality and is so loving and affectionate. He loves to run, herd, protect his family and having visitors, but his favorite thing is being petted! He’s such a big baby, they both are. And when the petting stops he’s always ready to jump up and bear hug you! His herding instinct is so funny to watch. When we’re coming up our driveway he’s like a traffic cop directing us! It’s pretty amazing.

Rosemary was adopted via Craigslist when she was only 3 months old. She is so alert and energetic. I’d rather have a visit from Rosie than a cup of coffee in the morning. She gets my motor running! She’s very vocal! She comes to me wiggling her entire little body and saying HI! in her low-toned dogs speak. Jordan has taught her some really cool tricks including how to high-five! And she loves to run and play fetch. It a blast just watching her jump around. It tickles her so just to be around people.

It took Kellie a little while to warm up to Rosie. It seemed that maybe he was afraid he would hurt her. But now they play and get along great. Kellie even has a special language for Rosie when she’s jumping all over him trying to get him to play. He never makes the sounds he makes with her at any other time.

Both of our dogs are just sweet bundles of joy and we love them to bits!!

Our Sweet Dogs!